Meet Us

Kiona is a Hawaiian-born Ph.D. who manages her own homes in Austin, Dallas, and Cuba full-time. She received her Bachelors in Sports Medicine and Masters in Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science at The University of Texas and is always looking for the next beach to surf. Her passion is finding new off-the-beaten-path places to explore and making friends abroad.

Skills Kiona adds to the team:

  • Analytics – built models to predict customer loss after a rent increase, facilitating a $70,624 increase in net profit.
  • Digital Marketing Expert – strategic curator of an ethical travel for education platform with 41k Instagram followers, a 4% conversion rate, 600,000 website readers from 201+ countries and territories.
  • International Hosting & Hospitality – creation of ethical and sustainable tourism experiences, property development in Cuba, 100% international occupancy rate.

Maria is a Peruvian-born international sales expert who currently manages water-front homes in Florida and Texas. She received her communications Bachelor’s degree in London, and headed marketing and operations for the largest solar power company in Zimbabwe. And loves to discover food through travel. She is currently based in Austin, TX. Her passion is spreading love through food and wine.

Skills Maria adds to the team:

  • Sales – Has generated over $1 million in revenue for the two companies she has worked for from May 2015 to June 2018.
  • Operations –  has managed a team of  30+ for national and international solar power installations in the sub-saharan region.
  • Marketing – has  experience working for a transnational brand.

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