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Hosts2Go put together home-hosting tips through hilarious and horrifying  anecdotes.

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Tales of Horror & Happiness in Hospitality is a story of the good, the bad, and the ugly of home hosting, as Dr. Kiona and Maria walk you through their mistakes and innovative solutions. But this is also a book about the journey of two women from worlds apart who used their cultural perspectives to positively impact lives, one guest at a time.

Dr. Kiona and Maria did not know each other at all but found themselves in the same business for similar reasons. Maria is from Peru, where she learned the importance of opening her home after hosting victims of a violent terrorist attack. Kiona is from Hawai’i and grew up in the cross-section of three cultures, understanding the importance of multiculturalism. Both of them fell into the short-term rental business as a solution to mounting debt, a desire to travel, and general insecurity around money.

Attempting to alleviate financial stress, they started renting out their apartments. What they didn’t know is that their individual side-hustles would ultimately bring them together. Dr. Kiona and Maria squashed their debt and started a life-changing business, Hosts2Go, where they helped people internationally to build financial security.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Two Broke Girls Find a Side Gig
Chapter 2: Hospitality: Love or War?
Chapter 3: Long Term vs. Short Term
Chapter 4: How to Write a Bomb Listing… That People Still Won’t Read
Chapter 5: Photos and Staging
Chapter 6: Start-up Costs, Taxes, and Making a Profit
Chapter 7: Tips on Making Your Listing Zero Waste and Organic
Chapter 8: How to Avoid Disaster and Horrible Guests
Chapter 9: Recognitions & Reviews
Chapter 10: Guests that Lack Cross-cultural Understanding… and the Headache They Bring
Chapter 11: The Great Part About Hosting

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